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We're a group of friends who met through LiveJournal, the FictionAlley forums or over MSN. The one thing we all have in common is that we're Harry/Draco shippers in the Harry Potter fandom, but this community isn't just for that - it's a way for all of us to stay connected.

We aren't in any way an elite community, but the whole point of this is to keep friends together. If we've never talked to you, please don't request membership.


MSN Addiction in 10 Steps
by onlysayitonce, jazzyjello and slash_a_holic

0. go to gnh and get sucked into msn
1. admit that you have a problem
2. develop close personal relationships with other people with the same problem
3. post about the problem and link it on msn
4. spend time on msn discussing this problem
5. insert random sheep when needed
6. describe the problem to people offline in excited tones
7. angst on msn about how no one in RL understands your problem, thus creating a cycle of msn dependency
8. find comfort in sexy british wizard schoolboys with a fiery love/hate relationship1
9. discuss sexy british wizard schoolboys et al. on msn1
10. have people impose their random obsessions on other members of the group

1Some people may replace "sexy british wizard schoolboys" with "sexy japanese tennisboys"